1   The students are required to reach the school at least  5  minutes prior to the assembly. The students, who reach the school after the assembly has started, shall be re turned back.

2   The monitors are required to man the classes until the teachers enter the class rooms. If a class is without a teacher even after 5 minutes of the bell, the monitor must report the same to the Principal/I/c. Routine.

3    The time table must be brought to the school daily by the students. The books and note-books are to be brought to the  school as per the time-table.

4     The students are required to come to the school in proper and neat and clean uniform daily failing which they won’t be permitted to attend to the classes.

5    The students are required to be friendly , polite and courteous to others. They must not spoil school  furniture, black-board, duster, walls etc. they must not run unless they are assigned to.



  • The students are prohibited from using unfair means in the test/examination. In case a student’s uses unfair means in the exam/test, he/she shall get 20 marks deducted from the marks scored. In addition to the deduction of marks, the students shall be expelled from the exam.
  • Books, note books etc. which many culminate in the use of unfair means, must not be brought to the school during examination period.
  • No re-examination shall be scheduled by the school at any cost.
  • The students shall have to submit medical certificates in case they don’t take the exam due to their illness/disease.
  • The students shall be required to have at least 75% attendance in the full session failing which they shall not be permitted to take the annual examination.



  • Who are not regular.
  • Whose conduct is not satisfactory and proper up to the satisfaction of the higher authorities.
  • Who are fee- defaulters for a longer period without prior-information.
  • Who don’t abide by the rules and regulations as laid down by the school.


  • A student can be promoted to the next higher class on the basis of the Overall Achievement after the result of the SA2 which is held in the month of March at the end of the session.
  • If a student gets E1 or E2 grade even in one subject, he/she shall not be promoted to the next higher class. He/she shall have to study in the same class in the next academic session.



  • The parents/guardians are requested to send their wards to school in proper and neat and clean school uniform, well-polished shoes, well-trimmed nails which shall be checked in the school. They are also required to send their wards to school at least 5 minutes prior to the assembly.
  • They are requested to deposit tuition fee along with allied charges of a month up to 10th day of the same month. If the fee is deposited between 11th and the last day of the month a late fine of Rs. 5.00 shall be charged. In case the fee is deposited by 10th of the next month a late fine of Rs.10.00 shall be charged. The student shall have to take re-admission if the fee is paid beyond that day. The fee-card should be brought to school on every payment day.
  • In case the fee card is lost, the new fee card shall be issued on payment of Rs.10.00.
  • The parents/guardians are requested to put their initials daily at the space provided in the diary.
  • In case they face any problem, they must write remarks/notes in the column provided in the school diary. They must take action in respect of the remarks written by the principal or teachers.
  • They are requested to attend to parents teachers association (PTA) meeting as and when it is scheduled.
  • They must put their specimen signatures at the space provided in the diary.